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Hey Couve fam!


We are so excited for Couve Skate to open in 2021! Couve Skate is opening our doors with love! We accept anyone regardless of a person's ethnicity, nationality, gender, disability, or religion. We do not and will not discriminate. As people we are called to love! We’re excited to bring back a positive energy to roller skating again. We will be hosting fun theme nights and events for all ages and family friendly fun! Get excited y’all! Why hate when you can roller skate? Our goal is to bring a fun and healthy recreation to the PNW and the community. During this season of planning, our goal is to build a recognized reputation for providing wholesome, clean, safe, community entertainment.    


We want the community to enjoy our public skate sessions, and skate to your favorite music while enjoying an environment that is fun and healthy, and appeals to all ages. Couve Skate is and will be a place to mingle with your friends, or make new ones while enjoying the benefits of an aerobic activity. Ready to laugh and have some fun?


Join us soon in 2021 at Couve Skate!

Interested in Partnering?

If you have any interest in sponsoring or partnering in any way, we would love to connect with you! Our email is [email protected]couveskate.com We would love to hear from you!

Covid 19

Due to the pandemic we want to be cautious and do our best to insure the safety of everyone's health in the community, and follow the CDC guidelines. With that being said we are in the planning stages to open our doors sometime in 2021

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